Thursday, March 01, 2007
The power of video views.

So now the video count is at 212,615 views!

Also Remember that for every view I get at a penny will be donated to the 8 wishes cause:
DivX Stage6
I also have new stats on the video. It has around 9000 views.

Today I went around and counted up all our video views. The view count is very important because it' s what spreads the word about 8 Wishes. With about 65,000 views I was able to get over $5,000, plus tons of emails from kids around the world, and two wishes granted! (A wish for every 32,500 views... we only need 195,000 more to make them all come true!)

The views...
The original YouTube video 29,725
The updated YouTube video 1,673
Metacafe 16,307
Sevenload 405
Dave TV 103 views
LiveLeak 1236views
Spiked Humor views4840 53views
Meravideo 325views
Caught on Video 505views
Glumbert 8500 views
DivX Stage6 145 votes (votes count as views but the view count would be higher)
MySpace Plays: 1514

So what else did I get with all these video views? Well, I was able to get on national TV (Fox News), meet Paul Orfalea, connect with a ton of bloggers, go to Sundance and meet people that are going to help me finish the film solo ride (100% funds go to Charity) -- thank you to DivX for sending me!

Those are just the highlights but, basically, 8 Wishes has made a huge impact on bringing awareness to dyslexia and learning disabilities! The last 80 days have changed my life to say the least.

Our main goal for the last 6 days is to get YouTube to feature the 8 Wishes video in the next few days. At the end of the day, YouTube is the best bet to reach people because of their huge user base. I'm also going to be contacting StumbleUpon to see if they will give me a sponsor if they do that then that could also bring 1000's of views too.

Lets make a hard push for more views these last few days! Thanks for all your support guys!
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