Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Since we started this project 30 days ago, I've learned a lot, met some amazing people, and realized a lot of things:

1. The power of relationships: Paul Orfalea taught me how to put faith and trust in the people I choose to join me in this. I don't have time to evaluate or test my teammates; I work on gut alone.

2. The power of the internet: There are more avenues than I ever imagined, and people have real influence on the world outside our computers.

3. The competitiveness: The abundance of great content was far beyond what I thought, and we are competing against some smart, creative people.

4. FUNdraisers can be fun: We know we can make an impact and we can have fun doing it, so its important to me that we keep this fun and exciting.

The past few days have been a whirlwind for our team, and it's led me to make some big changes in our plan. Honestly, I'm just not ready for this to end yet. I want to get all of these wishes granted, and I believe we can do it. In fact, I truly believe it would already be done if the right things had serendipitously or rightfully happened. Unfortunately, I made a couple errors in judgements, caught a few bad breaks, and set the bar much higher than a team of hundreds could really reach. However, as Maria Shiver wrote to me before my trip, "shoot or the moon if you miss, at least you'll be amongst the stars," so we might not have hit the moon, but now we have a chance to join the stars.

The changes:

First, wish #7 (previously, to be on 21 talk shows) is now "To be Featured on 88 Websites/Blogs." See lesson #2 above. This project is also about proving the power of social media. I believe that if we achieve this goal, the talk shows and mainstream media will naturally follow.

Second, we have extended the deadline for 58 more days to a total of 88 days. The new deadline is coincidentally March 8. I had originally set the false deadline to keep it exciting and so I could join The World By Road (TWBR) in February. I decided that I can serve TWBR better from behind my computer, helping to promote their trip. Now, I can extend the 'deadline' as long as I need to in order to get the funds needed to help these kids.

As we take on this journey, I want to thank all our supporters and doubters for keeping this going. Your support makes me feel really good about what we're doing, but doubt really fuel my fire. If it wasn't for the criticism and naysayers, I wouldn't have the energy to devote so much of myself to granting these wishes. I hope everyone sticks around to see the result.

Here is 8 things you can do below to help me get my wishes:

Make sure to watch the revised version of the video that started it all. All funds made from this video will also be donated to DARC: $5 for every 1,000 views!

10,000 Miles And 8 Wishes - video powered by Metacafe
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