Sunday, February 18, 2007
OK. I'm in a hurry but I wanted to give you guys an update. I just left Pittsburgh and now I'm in Philly and I'm about to leave for NYC (by car and bus not plane)! I made a lot of great contacts in Pittsburgh. I went there because the LDA was having a national conference. I maybe even interviewing Kevin S. McClatchy the Chief Executive Officer of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has dyslexia like me (I was so honored to meet him). I'm just about to head out to NYC! I will be trying to get on the Today Show and FOX NEWS. I will also be meeting with Simeon! One of the kids that I meet with on the bicycle tour. I really feel like something big is going to happen next week.

Wish me luck.


Tell Meredith that I'm trying to get on the show. Just leave a comment on her blog.

Oh remember two wishes have been granted:
2 wishes granted
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
$8.88 Campaign for 8 Wishes

Thanks to Doug Karr at On Influence and Automation for his great idea, the $8.88 Campaign. I'm so excited about this idea that I asked Doug to be on the 8 Wishes team. He accepted. With Doug's extensive background in marketing, I think that he is going to be a great asset to 8 Wishes. He even serves on the Marketing Advisory Board for the member of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. It's great to have Doug on the team for the last 23 days (Thank you, Reasonable Minds for that great post!).

Also, a great thing for bloggers to remember: If you link to my Divx video, you will get a free Divx software worth $19.99. So think of it this way: You get to give to a good cause and by giving $8.88 you get a $19.99 piece of awesome software in return.

Giant Bicycles just linked to me!
Click to see the link.

Once you give, be sure to put a badge on your site!

Also so I had a video I was going to post but I ran into some problems on my laptop. I'm going to try my best to post the video tonight.

I'm in Pittsburg right now for the LDA conferance and I will be going to New York City to drum up some media.

If you have any ideas on how to get the word out about 8 wishes shoot me an email.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

#7- Be featured on 88 websites... thank you to all of these bloggers and sites for your support! We're also tagging in and adding to our blogroll. You all have the support of 8 Wishes!

Absent Canadian
Akira Media
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Beth's Blog

Bike Liker
Bike Tourist Podcast
Brain Based Biz
Business Blogging Excellence
Carl Grint
Charitable Living
Charity News
Copy Blogger

Crash and Burn
Design Singularity
Dmitry Linkov
Douglas Karr
Fiendish Glee Club
Golden Practices
Grasping for the Wind
Highlight This
Hitchiker's Guide
Hola! Oi Hi!
Home is where the heart is
I Speak of Dreams
I think I'm going for a walk now.
Influential Foofaraw
Jeremy Latham
Julia Rosien
KnowHR Blog
Liza's eye view
Lonely Marketer
Make it Great
Matt Wiggins
Miss 604
Mode Mag
MyBlogLog front page
Nettie Hartsock
Note to CMO
Odd Time Signature
Power of Trinity
Project Pedal
Quarter Life Crisis
Radical Trust
Raul Valdez
Ruminate this site
Ryan's Life
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Seth's Blog
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Stage6 front page
Stumble Upon
Successful Blog
Tammy Allen
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The Digital Perm
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Today Top Videos
Two Hat Marketing
Uniquely The Epitome
Front page of Metacafe
Web Impact
Word Sell
Yeah Right
Yoga Coffee Outlook

Video of First Wish Granted:

1st Wish Granted! Paul Orfalea - video powered by Metacafe
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