Friday, December 15, 2006
so much has happend in the last 12 hours. i will be posting soooon. its 3:31am and i have to hit the sack. i have been only getting around 3 hours of sleep a day. i can't wait to tell you guys what is going on. i can show you new myspace is beyond what i could of dreamed of! look at it and thanks to Sirberus for doing such an awesome job. Shaun got both sites up in two days. i don't even know how he did it. he just went to bed a few mintues ago. Shaun is a very busy man too so please give him a thanks if you have time. i fell behind in the episodes. this won't happen again because i believe we are bring on a new full time editor. chase will still be with us but he has two jobs so a full time person will have more freedom to work on the episodes. talk to you soon

my myspace

time to go to bed. the wishes will happen. tell everybody you can about 8 wishes.

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